Frequently Asked Questions


Are you currently licensed to grow Cannabis?

At this time Cannabco Pharmaceutical Corporation is in the process of applying to become a Licensed Producer (LP), this is a long process which takes many years and Cannabco is in the Final Review stage with Health Canada.


When does Cannabco expect to be licensed under Health Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)?

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Do you offer any investor opportunities?

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How will you grow your Cannabis?

Our facilities have been designed from the ground up with only one thought in mind... to provide an unsurpassed quality of product to our client. Special attention has been given to every minute detail of the cultivation process resulting in a product which truly stands apart. Cannabco utilizes a custom designed system featuring advanced hydroponics, cutting edge lighting technologies, precision environmental control systems, and finely tuned nutrient and fertigation controls to produce that “perfect product” for our clients.

There is no compromise, it’s that simple. Our pharmaceutical grade facilities produce the highest quality of product in the industry. It is not enough for us to simply provide or cater to your needs; at Cannabco we are mandated to exceed your expectations.

Our clean room like Pharmaceutical environments and processes are designed to grow pesticide-free and to mitigate any foreign contaminants, dangerous chemicals and unwanted microbes resulting in a Pharma grade product.


What qualifications do you have to grow Cannabis?

At Cannabco, our team has been earning the trust of their peers for decades. Industry experts with countless years of experience consist of specialists in fields such as; Horticulture, microbiology, plant sciences, plant physiology and cellular biology, chemical and mechanical engineering, agricultural and irrigation, pharmaceutical quality assurance, Lean Production, and Six Sigma specialists, ... and the list goes on. Our team ensures our ability to grow to the highest standards and does so with one goal in mind... to EARN the trust of our clients.


Will you be doing any research in relation to Cannabis?

Yes. Cannabco plans to have research and development components for the on-going study of Cannabis.

Cannabis cultivation and its use for medicinal purposes date back thousands of years. With the resurgence in the cannabis industry we are at the infancy of what is possible. Nature has given us something truly special and Cannabco is dedicated to pushing the envelope in Cannabis research and product development specific to the needs of the medical community.


What Cannabis strains will you offer?

We will offer a wide variety of popular Medical Cannabis strains, as well as our own strains.

Millions of people rely on their cannabis product for a wide range of ailments and with this in mind, our client’s health and well being is paramount and fundamentally linked to our unparalleled commitment to quality. With targeted strains towards specific ailments and symptoms, and our commitment to pharmaceutical quality production, Cannabco’s medical advisory team puts client’s health first. 


How will I know your Medical Cannabis will be produced safely?

We will meet the strictest industry standards for the production of Medical Cannabis. Our plants will be grown in a Pharmaceutical environment with strict processes designed around safety and quality. Our products will be tested for potency of Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN), Aflatoxins, Heavy Metals, Moulds, Bacteria and Pesticides. 

At Cannabco we don’t just follow the industry standard, we rise above it. Cannabco believes in excellence, not as something to achieve but as a way of life. It is with these precepts and thoughts that we commit to you that every gram of product that leaves our cultivation facilities is of the highest calibre. It is what drives our business and fuels our clients satisfaction.

How much will you be charging?

Please subscribe to our news alerts to receive updates on our progress. Prices will vary depending on the strain, options and plan you select.  


Will you offer hand trimmed buds?



Will you be using irradiation, pesticides, or dangerous chemicals?

No. Our Pharmaceutical facilities are designed to grow pesticide-free and to mitigate any foreign contaminants, dangerous chemicals and unwanted microbes resulting in a high quality and safe product that will not require irradiation.


Will I need a prescription to place an order for "Medical Cannabis"?

No, you will need a medical document signed by your doctor normally called a "Doctors authorization" which is almost like a prescription, that will allow you to order Medical Cannabis from a Licensed Producer. We will work with you and your Doctor to streamline the process, providing you all the information, documentation and forms required for this process.


How do you intend to deliver Cannabis to me?

Once your account is set-up, all purchases and re-orders can be made through our website or by phone. Deliveries are completed through a secure courier service using discreet tamper proof packaging. 


Do you have plans to offer financial assistance or compassion pricing?

Yes, we will offer both compassionate pricing and have financial assistance programs.


Will you have a Veterans program?

Yes, we will offer a Veterans program. 


How do you plan on safely producing Cannabis in the community?

Cannabco is in the process of applying to become a Licensed Producer (LP) which requires us to interface with Health Canada, our Municipality, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), local Police and Fire departments which will ensure absolute safety and compliance for every aspect of Medical Cannabis production. We stand firm in our commitment to the community to ensure the safe and secure production of Medical Cannabis.

How do you plan on minimizing odour associated with the production of Cannabis?

Cannabco will take necessary steps to ensure odour free production using state of the art double redundant filtration systems to remove any odour associated with Cannabis production.

Where is your grow facility located?

Our grow facilities are currently located in General Toronto Area.


What are your future plans?

Cannabco's overall long term objective is to establish itself as a leader in affordable medical Cannabis supply and research contributing to the growing needs of Canadians. 


Do you currently offer any information that I can give to my Doctor?

Information for health care professionals can be found on Health Canada's website here. Upon registering we will provide you with an information package you can bring to your doctor. This package will contain all the required forms as part of the process of becoming a client, we will also interface with your Doctor to streamline the process and answer any questions your Doctor might have.