Because Nature does it right.

Cannabco is dedicated to establishing itself as a
global leader in the Cannabis industry.

Meet The Team

  • Mark Pellicane - CEO

    Mark’s success began at the age of 15 when he was accepted into University of Toronto for Biology and Physics. After paying his way through school by building custom computers, he was appointed President and CEO of Software Solutions where he spearheaded an operation of software development and distribution to 23 countries globally.

    He then pursued an MBA degree from Hamilton College in Oxford before establishing one of Ontario’s first internet companies. He developed a calling region in Southern Ontario larger than Sprint Canada’s and was acquired by Primus Tel. in 2001.

    Since then, he’s assisted many companies with technology development and product launches — establishing programs and distribution networks worth over $100MM in sales revenue. For the 6 years prior to CannabCo, Mark worked as an executive manager in the Oil and Gas sector where he established relationships in numerous international markets including the US, South America, Dubai, and several European countries.

  • Mark Novak - COO

    Mark Novak is an Officer and founder at CannabCo with over 20 years of brand marketing experience, extensive knowledge in the IT industry, and extensive cannabis growing experience. He’s held key positions at numerous companies and his wide scope crossing numerous fields of discipline has proven an invaluable asset to the corporation.

  • Phillip Chen - Chief Business Development Officer

    Phillip is an officer and founder at CannabCo with over 30 years of experience in engineering, quality control, and production. He holds a BTech in chemical engineering and was recently the manager of Materials & Processes Engineering at L3 communications, where his team of technicians achieved a record of 100% on-time delivery related to corporate initiatives. He has extensive expertise in engineering operations, lab management, quality assurance testing, and much more.

  • Brent Mersey - Chief Science Officer

    Brent is an Officer of CannabCo with multiple PhDs in Botany and Plant Cellular Biology. He has a broad range of research experience in microscopy, plant cell biology and biotechnology, with strengths encompassing practical field and greenhouse work. He’s also experienced in organic grow techniques with practical field application and deployment on a commercial level.

  • Brenda Tatton - Finance

    Brenda joined CannabCo in 2013 and is responsible for numerous operations including corporate financial reporting, corporate policies, and treasury. She has over 30 years experience in various key leadership roles in business operations, finance, Human Resources, and program management.